Hon. Nicolas Walder is a member of the Swiss National Council (Conseil National) from Geneva. He is concurrently a Vice-President of the Les Verts Suisses and previously served as the president of Les Verts Genevois from 2016 to 2020. His Parliamentary mandates include membership in the EFTA/EU-Delegation, Delegation to the French-Speaking Parliamentary Assembly (FPA), Member of Legal Affairs Committee and Foreign Policy Commission. In his rich political career, Mr Walder has undertaken the roles of Administrative councillor (executive) for the City of Carouge from 2011 to 2020, President of ‘Les Verts Genevois’, President of the Fédération Genevoise des Etablissements médico-sociaux (Geneva Federation of Medico-social Establishments), Member of Committee at Pro Senectute- Geneva, Member of the board of the Intermunicipal Foundation of Bardonnex, Carouge and Troinex for housing for the elderly, and Member of the Sustainable Development Council of the Canton of Geneva. He graduated from the University of Geneva and EHL in Switzerland.