Dugarjab L. Hotala is the founding director of InterMongol Network, a US-based Non-Governmental Organization aimed at preserving and promoting the cultural as well as kinship ties between all parts of the greater Mongol Nation. Born and raised in the Jungar region of Western Mongolia, presently the northern part of the so-called

‘Xinjiang’ or East Turkestan, Mr. Hotala traveled to and lived in all three major regions that are presently being colonized under Communist China, namely Xinjiang, IMAR, and Tibetan regions. Additionally, he lived as an undocumented refugee among Tibetans in Northern India, mainly in Dharamsala for a period of six and a half years. Mr. Hotala has been actively engaged with the Southern Mongolian struggle ever since the mid-1990s, with the establishment of the underground ‘Mongol Motherland Party’ in the occupied region. After his departure from the PRC, he became actively involved with the activities of the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Centre (SMHRIC) since 1998, and since then continually taking part in lobbying activities targeting US Congress, Senate, and state representatives as well as state assemblies of states of New York, Colorado, and Michigan on issues regarding human rights violation cases in the China-occupied Mongolian regions. Currently, he resides in Chicago, IL, USA.