Ms. Isabelle Pasquier-Eichenberger is a member of the transport and telecommunications committee of Swiss National Council (Conseil National) from Bern. She is also a member of the management committees as well as the FDFA/DDPS and Courts/MPC subcommittees. She previously served as the President of the Economy Commission of the Grand Council from Geneva from 2018-2019. In her rich political career, Ms. Isabelle Pasquier-Eichenberger has undertaken the roles of Political and communication manager (Initiative des Alpes) for French-speaking Switzerland from 2014 to 2020, Vice-president of the Swiss Greens, Vice-president ATE Switzerland, Member of the committee of the Objectif train de nuit association, Member of the Food and Agriculture Commission of the French-speaking Consumer Federation, and Member of various associations ( Actares , StopOGM , Amnesty International , Camarada , Hope , Helvetas , Pour la protection du climat , Pro Natura , Pro Vélo , Public Eye , Swissaid , etc.) She graduated from University of Geneva in Switzerland.