Vijay Kranti is a senior media professional of Kashmir origin. With over 50 years of experience in Print Media, TV, Radio, Photography, Media Education and Corporate Communications, he has been on the staff of some leading media groups which include India Today, BBC WORLD TV, Deutsche Welle (German Radio), Radio Voice of America, Aaj Tak TV, Zee News and DD News. As a journalist, his main subjects of specialization are Tibet, China and Jammu & Kashmir. He has written over a dozen books including ‘DALAI LAMA SPEAKS’, his famous coffee table book on the Dalai Lama, and his Hindi style book for the Discovery Channel. He is a recipient of the coveted K.K. Birla Foundation Fellowship in journalism for his work on Tibet. His latest comic book “DALAI LAMA – THE SOLDIER OF PEACE” has been published in English, Tibetan, Hindi and Spanish. He is also an internationally acclaimed photographer, known for his aesthetic photo study of Tibetan life in India and inside Tibet as well as Indian Himalayan Buddhist culture. His photography on Tibet is considered to be the largest one-man work on this subject. He has been invited worldwide for his photo-exhibitions, photo-based talk-shows on Tibet and Tibetan Buddhist culture. He has presented over a dozen solo photo exhibitions in India, Europe, Australia and North America.